Phil Burns
Counsellor/Family Therapist

Phil assists people with their self-confidence, addictions, grief, anxiety, depression, anger, stress, trauma, identity, intimacy, relationships, families connections and more.

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Phil Burns is a highly skilled and regarded counsellor with many years of experience in the field. Phil holds membership with the Australian Counselling Association and works with adolescents, adults, and couples with a wide range of presenting circumstances.

Phil is committed to allowing clients the space and time to discover who they really are and what makes them unique. By assisting them to see their attributes and define their personal values, they are able to view life through a new lens and overcome the challenges they face.  By allowing clients to define what works and doesn’t work for them, they are then able to decide the best course of action knowing they are developing the skills that work best for them.  This gives clients the confidence to face whatever life puts before them. Phil is committed to helping his clients realise that it is they hold the key to their joy and happiness, rather than their situation or circumstance.

Each session has an important part to play in the needs of the client.  Phil has a formula he tailors for each client allowing him to draw on his many counselling models to provide support. These methodologies include person centred therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, narrative therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, solution-focused therapy, mindfulness, and others. Phil believes that the past plays an important role in the present, and that this determines the future. This is why he takes the time to understand the client’s journey and what brings them to begin counselling. Phil believes counselling can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience and he looks forward to helping clients achieve a greater inner peace, connection and happiness that they deserve.

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