Family Counselling

Assisting individuals/couples/families

Registered with MACA
EAP & NDIS Experienced

Counsellor, Family Therapist, Psychotherapist

Everyone has a unique story, and sometimes you just need someone to walk with you and assist you to understand how the pieces fit together.

Most people have an idea that something is not going as planned in their lives but are not sure what to do next. Phil will assist you to find a different way to walk through life and allow you the opportunity to reflect and discover a solution.

You are welcome to contact Phil for a no obligation discussion about how we might work together towards your healing.

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The hardest thing to do is begin the journey.
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Phil Burns

Counsellor/Family Therapist

Phil assists people with their self-confidence, addictions, grief, anxiety, depression, anger, stress, trauma, identity, intimacy, relationships, families connections and more.

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One of the most common issues in today's society is anxiety and trauma. The counsellor will walk beside you and assist you through the concerns you have, providing tools to help you.

Self Confidence

Many people share a common challenge which is lack of self-confidence. Using a proven method of help individuals can quickly understand who they want to be.


Depression is everywhere today. By sharing what you are experiencing with a counsellor they can assist you to cope better with the things that currently make you feel the way you do.


Often not talked about appropriately and very often mis-communicated with couples. This topic is handled with care and sensitivity. Relationships can be complicated. With the help of an expert couples can begin to repair and rebuild the connection they desire.

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